Macau Taxi
Hotline: +853 8500 0000

Contact Info

+853 8500 0000 or +853 2828 3283
+82 2 558 8000 to request a dispatch if you are having trouble hailing one


Deluxe taxi which is black in color with a yellow sign on top and known as “model taxi” in Korean. Deluxe Taxi sign at both sides, with slightly bigger space for a passenger, a better quality of services and a “safer” ride. Higher basic fare and additional distance than regular taxis, but no late-night surcharge. This is due to the additional training and qualifications the driver must receive before being able to drive a deluxe taxi. Generally, can be found at stands located in front of hotels, stations, bus terminals, and major city streets. Deluxe taxis which is also known as “luxury taxis” always offer better service than regular taxis. Driven a regular taxi for 10 years accident-free is a must for the Deluxe Taxi drivers before they can get the deluxe taxi certification. Which also make them be considered as the safest in the city.

Taxi Fare

Fare Macau Taxi Surcharge for specific pickup point Fare
Base fare MOP 19.00/4.6km Macau International Airport MOP5.00
Distance charge MOP2.00/240m Taipa Ferry Terminal MOP5.00
Idle charge MOP2.00/1min University of Macau MOP5.00
Luggage carried MOP3.00/1 bag Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Frontier Post MOP5.00
Macao to Coloane MOP2.00