One of the most essential modes of transportation in Macau is a taxi cab. There are many reasons why a taxi is mostly preferred by tourists and local residents alike. The convenience of hailing a cab right on the street or ordering a unit right off the wire for a wide array of taxi hotlines is really helpful for those who are traveling around Macau. A taxi can definitely ensure a hassle-free trip where you can take your luggage with you. Macau is covered by a huge number of taxi companies which can provide services any time of the day. Hiring a taxicab in this Asian destination will surely make you trip a perfect experience!

Tourists to Macau are oftentimes awed by the sense of orderliness in terms of traffic in this relatively small city. With approximately 130,000 vehicles roaming the streets in a day, you will be surprised how Macau keeps traffic flowing without much hassle. Taxis are plentiful as they provide easy traveling from airports to ferry terminals as well as around the city.

There are around 1,200 taxi units serving Macau. Basically, taxis here are available in yellow and black colors. These yellow taxis can be reached through telephone booking without paying for an extra charge through (853) 519519.

Taxi fare starts on 15 MOP$ for the first 1,500 meters. An amount of 1.5 MOP$ is added for every 230 meters of additional travel distance. 1MOP$ is charged for every minute of waiting. 3MOP$ is charged for every luggage you carry unto the boot.

For travelers who are bound to the outlying islands of Coloane and Taipa from the Macau Peninsula are expected to pay five Pataca as additional sum to the meter. For the taxi trip, an addition of two Pataca is charged. On the other hand, there is no surcharge to be paid for return trip from the Taipa or Coloane area to the Macau Peninsular. 80 MOP$ is charged for a single taxi trip from Macau Peninsular to the popular Hac Sa Beach right off Coloane.

Macau is a perfect place to visit as the city provides ample taxi rides for their tourists. Rest assured of a comfortable stay in Macau for both leisure and business purposes.